March 10, 2015

Dear Present and Prospective Clients,

Thank you for your patience as I navigate a personal health challenge and am temporarily unavailable to schedule appointments.  Although I don't yet have a specific return date, I am making progress and will continue to update you via this post.   Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I humbly ask you for healing thoughts, and I thank you deeply for your understanding.  - Nancy


Hello and welcome!  I'm Nancy Chiappe, I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist.  

I invite you to explore this site to understand what I offer here at Serenity and decide whether we might be nicely suited to work together.

When you're ready, simply click "Book Now" to schedule online, or feel free to contact me directly at (415) 987-6167 or


A Complete Picture

Colon hydrotherapy is a powerful tool with potential healing and restorative value on many levels. 

  • YES, it has a wonderful cleansing effect on the digestive tract, which in turn positively affects the liver, kidneys, skin, our organs of elimination.
  • YES, it can be very balancing to bodily systems, as we gently clear overgrowth of toxins that may be causing cravings and other imbalances.
  • YES, it can be a profound act of allowing, of receiving purity into the depths of the body, while releasing what no longer serves our higher good.

Even so, it’s important to acknowledge that colon hydrotherapy is simply ONE toolONE elementONE cog in the wheel of a comprehensive plan for health.   Ideally, you're also cultivating awareness in the following areas:

  • Your physical body and nutritional status
  • Your energetic and spiritual body
  • Your state of mind

I see my role as offering a service that can be very beneficial when taken in the context of all of the above.  If this resonates with you as an aspiration for your life, I truly hope I get to meet you!