It's come sooner than I anticipated.  

Sometimes the momentum of desire begins to roll more quickly and more powerfully

than we could ever have imagined! 


For quite some time I've felt a tremendous pull to be out in the world, showing up as all of

Who I Am.  Really walking my own talk of creating my life consciously, intentionally, and

listening deeply to what my heart is asking of me.  Because that's where the gold is in terms

of serving the Greater Good. 


After all, we Women are being called to do just this.  Can you feel it?  Called to the leading

edge of the shift we want to see in the world. 


And so the days of being safe in my beautiful little sanctuary office are falling away.  And

what's lovely is that I'm still deeply in Love with my colonics practice.  Deeply in love with

offering opportunity to release what no longer serves us in order to create space for more of

what we truly desire. 


As of October 16 I'll be pursuing a life of location freedom. That's a fancy way of saying I'll be

working from wherever I'd like!   I'll be coaching and sharing the gifts of essential oils.  Such a

beautifully aligned pair in allowing us to create our experience of Life in any given moment. 


Will you come along? 


If you've felt a deep connection with me, I want you to know this is Real and True.  I feel it too! 

And we can continue on our journeys together. 


October 15 will be my last day at Serenity.  


Now, there may well be another iteration of this beautiful business so that you can still enjoy

the benefits of open-system colonics.   If there is a nice fit of a beautiful soul taking the lead, 

then the flow will continue!  (Pun intended.)  We'll have to wait and see.  


In the meantime, would you like to gather around the oils with me? 


I love to curate the oils experience around our individual needs, so I'll be hosting gatherings

where we'll share how we can use the oils to elevate our health/life in specific ways. 


Here are the offerings for October: 


Sunday, October 16, 2pm-3pm - Essential Oils in Supporting Thyroid Health


Sunday, October 23, 2pm-3pm - Essential Oils in Supporting Lyme Disease Recovery


Sunday, October 30, 2pm-3pm - Essential Oils in Supporting Digestive Health


Oh, and please keep your eyes open for the launching of The Giving Woman, my next heart

project.  I joyfully extend the invitation to You to be a part of this Evolution, My Sister.   


You are deeply needed. 


I'll be in touch soon! 


Oh, my Goodness.  So much love.